DOOM II Maps by Lucasgold.

1. - What is DOOM?

"Doom (officially cased DOOM, and occasionally DooM by fans, based on the Doom logo's stylized lettering) is the first release of the Doom series, and one of the games that consolidated the first-person shooter genre. With a science fiction and horror style, it gives the players the role of marines who find themselves in the focal point of an invasion from hell. The game introduced deathmatch and cooperative play in the explicit sense, and helped further the practice of allowing and encouraging fan-made modifications of commercial video games. It was first released on December 10, 1993, when a shareware copy was uploaded to an FTP server at the University of Wisconsin."

- The Doom Wiki

2. - How do you make maps for this game?
- The game's source code was published officially!
And of course, I'm not a programmer. So I can't make maps with coding.
I'm making my maps in GZDoom Builder.

"The Doom source code was released December 23, 1997, initially under a not-for-profit license. Later, permission was granted to re-release the source code under the GNU GPL in October 3, 1999.

Before release, the source code was tidied up by Bernd Kreimeier; the source release includes a changelog of his contributions. Several documentation files are also included. The original plan for the source code release involved a book Kreimeier was to write on the Doom engine; however, due to Doom's decreasing relevance in the gaming community, it was eventually judged not to be a marketable idea, and the project was abandoned. The source code was then released to the public.

Because of legal issues regarding the DMX sound library developed by Paul Radek which was used for Doom, the release was of the source code to the Linux port of Doom. Despite this, within several months, several ports had been made back to DOS. As a result, many source ports exist. "

- The Doom Wiki

3. - Why do you make maps for this game?
- Because I love to do it! I really like the DOOM series,
and when I started to "mod" these games, I felt in love to making maps.
It's a very creative pastime.

"WAD (which, according to the Doom Bible, is an acrostic for "Where's All the Data?")  is the file format used by Doom and all Doom-engine-based games for storing data. A WAD file consists of a header, a directory, and the data lumps that make up the resources stored within the file. A WAD file can be of two types:

A WAD file can be read and/or edited by many tools, such as WAD editors. "

- The Doom Wiki

3.1 - Why DOOM II? Why not DOOM?
- Because in DOOM II there are more textures, particles, monsters,
 one more weapon, and it's more popular then DOOM.

Doom II: Hell on Earth, released on September 30, 1994, is the sequel to Doom.

- The Doom Wiki

4. My WADs.


It's been in WIP for more then two years now, and the main reason behind it is that I stopped working on it sometimes. Either because I had more important things to do, or I just ran out of ideas. But now I can finally say that I finished it! It's not a huge WAD, I know, but it comes from my heart with the biggest pleasure. ;)


In this WAD you are a soldier at a UAC base on Earth. Everyday feels like the same, except on the day this story begins. Suddenly you hear screams, strange and creepy noises, and several gunshots. A hell portal opened on the base, bringing demons and death with itself. With your pistol, you decide to go against the monsters and take your revenge.
Welcome to hell.

(Additional info: this hell here is an alternative one; which means that imagine a hell with 3 "routes", each of them are deeper and deeper than the other one, containing more danger and more demons to slaughter. This WAD guides you through on the first one, so the other two are unknown yet. I'm not sure if that I'll make a sequal or something to hell3, but if I will, then count on something bloodier and harder.)

The WAD gives the best experience in Singleplayer and Deathmatch, but it also supports Cooperative.
If you have any questions, contact me on my YouTube channel!

You can download the WAD here.

Have fun!

MAP04                                                                easter egg

Here you can find a gameplay video of the WAD without spoiling the secrets.

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